Trailrun goodies reviews

Always enjoying new trailrun goodies :)!!!!

During my trailruns I like to test new trailrun goodies and share my experiences with you. Most of the trailrun stuff is rather expensive so I think it is smaer if we all tell each other what works and why, or why not? Off course all is very personal, one person will like something very much whilst the other has a complete opposite experience. But that is just great, because from those two opposites you can make your own.

So all the goodies reviews I post on my blog are my personal ideas, not driven by anything else. I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

You can easily find all my trailrun goodies reviews by selecting the category ‘Goodies review’ at the My Blog or by clicking Quickly to … Goodies Review  in the Quickly to menu on the right-hand side.

In preparation of this Goodies Review Page I looked more closely at my (trail)running wardrobe and … I felt a bit sorry for myself … what an enormous amount of stuff … Driven between thoughts of …

‘You definitely don’t need so much running gear, especially not when you proclaim that one benefit of running is that you only need to take a pair of shoes / short / shirt with you to wherever you go …’


‘I just like to test, run, enjoy new running stuff / gear / goodies … I know I do not need it but when I am able to run on new shoes or in a new shirt it just feels … nice!’.

However, I thought that an overview of the major (trail)running gear I have got linked with my experiences can be helpful for others when looking for advice. If you have any questions about things in the list do not hesitate tot contact me. As written before, I like to talk about (trail)running so … no worries … I will enjoy it!

Also I am more than happy to lent out shoes, shirts, trailvests etc. to anyone who it will fit in order to get first hand own experience before buying it. You do not need much for (trail)running but some stuff is expensive and than it is always better to test before you buy!

So here we go. Where appropriate I have added a link to a goodies review on this weblog or an earlier review I have written on my Facebook account.

Trailrunning shoes

INOV-8 Roclite 315

INOV-8 Trailroc 285

INOV-8 Roclite 305

INOV-8 Road X-treme 220

INOV-8 X-talon 190 / 212 versus ASICS DS Racer 9 / NOOSA TRI 10 for a Dutch Beach race

Trailrunning Belts / Vests / Packs

Naked Running Vest

Naked Running Band

Trail Belts / Vests / Packs

Trailrunning clothes


INOV-8 AT/C Stormshell

INOV-8 AT/C Racepant