Why this trailrun website and blog?

Welcome to my website and blog all about … Trailrunning!!


I am a trailrunner from the ‘literary’ the lowlands of Europe, i.e. the Netherlands.

Probably as many other trailrunners I started on the road many years ago, with the real kick-off when I joined the Royal Netherlands Naval College in 1988 to become an officer in the Dutch Submarine Service in 1991.

Besides being hidden under water for six weeks in a row in a black steel tube, which I, strangely enough, really enjoy(-ed) I also found out in those years that I really liked running on the road (summer) and during cross country (winter) competitions.

After commanding a Dutch Submarine for two years and a three-year posting with the whole family in Scotland my ‘age’, passing the 40 years, became as such that I could not improve my road running times anymore. Mid 2015 I ran my first trailrun competition event in the Netherlands (The ‘Wissent Trail’) which was great! I enjoyed more and more the longer distance runs in the open nature, enjoying the elements of wind, sun, rain, elevation, getting lost, trails, bogs, high grass, river crossing etc.

Before we invented the term ‘trailrunning’ for what many of us already were doing, i.e. ‘running through nature off road’ I had been training all those years before as much as possible in the Dutch woods and especially in the dunes and on the beach of the coastline.

However, what was new to me during the trailrunning events themselves was the relaxed atmosphere, where time and competition come second or even latter to just the sheer enjoyment of running through magnificent nature and finishing altogether. Also great is the relaxing afterwards with, most of the times an alcohol-free beer and a big piece of local cake, exchanging experiences.

In the trailrun events I found out that, although now 45+ (I am from 25 February 1970) I could still compete for a top 10 and sometimes top 3 place. Highlight was to become the Dutch Trailrun champion in 2016 in my own hometown in Schoorl, Netherlands! Who would ever think that when 46 to become a Dutch champion.

At present I am living in Northwood (UK), Northwest London, together with Lonneke and our two boys Noah (12) and Silas (10). The family is made complete with our border collie dog Laika (12). We will be living in the UK until summer 2019 whilst I am working for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence at the NATO Maritime Headquarters in Northwood. It gives me the opportunity to enjoy the rolling hills of England, the ‘right of Way’ paths through farm fields to follow the many long distance trails in the UK. A real heaven for the trailrunner.

I am very happy that my family is supporting my ‘strange’ hobby to run through, sometimes remote, nature for half a day!

I am also very happy that INOV-8 Benelux (shoes), Compressport Netherlands (clothes) and Trisportspharma (energy) are supporting me to enjoin my main hobby, i.e. trailrunning/talking/writing.

See you on the trails!

My Running CV:

Road marathon: 2.34 (1997), PB as M45+ 2.37.49 (2016)

Road ½ Marathon: 1.10.50 (1997), PB as M45+ 1.14.47 (2017)

Road 10km: 32.54 (2013)

Until now m main trailruns events were mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium up to 60km with some three stage trails. In the UK I have done many 40km+ trailruns myself and a self-organised three day trailrun along the Ridgeway Long Distance trail of 145km.

Main competitive trailrun achievements are:

  • 1st Netherlands Trailrun champion 2016 (9th in 2017);
  • 1st during the three stage two day Veluwezoom trailrun in 2016;
  • 2nd during the Koning van Spanje two stage trailrun in 2016 and 1st in 2017;
  • 1st Dutch Trailrunner (4th overall) in the Spa Trailrun (57km, 2000m+) in 2017 which qualified me to join the Dutch team to compete in the AUI World Championship Trailrunning in Italy during the Trail sacred Forest (Badia Prataglia) on June 10th 2017.