From Trail/Roadrunning to Trail/Roadcycling

A new year 2020, a good time to start my ‘new’ sport: CYCLING🚲!!

Unfortunately the knee has not recovered. The Dutch orthopedean came to conclusion that the knee had seen ‘too many’ kilometres. There is only a very slim chance that it will heal itself.

So for something completely different … let’s start cycling. In the year that I turn 50 it is a good time to spent money on road and mud racing machines, enjoy the great cycle roads and mountainbike trails in the Netherlands and whoknows elsewhere in Europe.

But is still does not feel the same as trailrunning👣 ☹️… ratio over emotion … it may take a little longer than expected … and who knows in a few yeras time the knee suddenly recovers (or not).

Anyway, no more trailrunning stories from the ‘Dutch Trailrunner’ (for a long while).

Keep enjoying the trails, but be aware of a ‘old’ Dutch Trailrunner who suddenly passes you.