End of the Dutchtrailrunner?

Hopefully NOT!! But I will be ‘silent’ for a period whilst recovering from a knee arthroscopy … back on the trails in a few months 🙂

Aim is to enjoy again the trails for hours …

A Dutch song from my ‘younger days’ has a lyric which describes my present status very well:

Je wordt ouder papa, geef het maar toe,

je wilt er alles aan doen, maar je weet niet hoe

(You are getting older dad, just accept it,

you want to do all to stop it, but you do not know how)

Just on the low side of the 50 I ran into serious trouble with my right knee last year August. Basically the verdict is: too much trailrunning and longer distances for my right knee. Probably a combination of feeling great that a trailrun of a few hours went without any trouble, extending the distance to 50 – 60 – 110km …

Result: a right knee which is ‘older’ than I am at the moment.

I had my injuries in the years, big and small: both knees have had a arthroscopy approximately 13 and 8 years ago, my Achilles was not happy with me for a while … but in the end with rest, exercises,operations … and a lot of patience I was able to continue what I like most: run for a few hours through fields, forest, hills and mountains … no stress … no time …just enjoying the views, listen to your breathing / nature / podcast …

I am confident I will be able to do that in a few months time again,but until than bear with me for a ‘silent’ period. My 2019 plans for the Bob Graham Round, London Marathon and Cotswald 100 are still on the agenda … for later (2019??)… when I have reached the other side of 50 – Life goes on 🙂

So NO end to the Dutch trailrunner … just a PAUSE!

Cheers, Geordie

Auteur: Dutch Trailrunner

Trailrunner uit de lage landen van Nederland. Trailrunner from the ‘literary’ the lowlands of Europe, i.e. the Netherlands.

2 gedachten over “End of the Dutchtrailrunner?”

  1. Hi there – sorry for the letter format, but after having read the notice about the pause (hopefully it will be shorter what you expect), I just wanted to send you my best regards from my phone. Now it’s time for you to hold the horses back, but I really hope that things will get better and you will continue doing what you like. Best wishes, Arion


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