Proud ambassador for Run4Cancer

To motivate myself and others to explore the trails I started fundraising for Run4Cancer.

If you live near Northwood, London – if you want to experience trailrunning just let me know. I will show you the richness of English trailrun nature for a small donation 🙂 to Run4Cancer.

R4CAs a keen runner I am always looking for a challenge. Preferably trail running, but a nice road race is also welcome 🙂

I just love trailrunning, e.g. running through forest, hills, mountains, along the beach, through farmland, up & down, left & right, mud, wet, rocky, dust, off road, winding paths, desert, snow, high altitude. Long before it was called trailrunning probably many of us were already enjoying just running through nature. Now you have trailrunning, mountain running, vertical ascent and descent …and ultra trailrunning … going past the marathon distance … I am certainly hooked on the longer distance and multi stage trailruns both organised and on ‘do it yourself’- just follow a national trail and camp or B&B’.

I feel very blessed that I am able to run almost every day. During all these kilometres, especially when on the forest trails, my mind may drift away to thoughts of my mother and mother in law who were struck by cancer very hard. I am sure they would really have enjoyed to visit us living in the UK, going for a Sunday walk followed by a lunch in a two century old Inn.

Ambassador R4CLuckily I am also fortunate that my father and other family members and friends are surviving cancer through ever improving treatments and support.

Experiencing myself the healthy and mindful benefits of being outdoors and knowing how much especially my mother and mother-in-law enjoyed being out walking and cycling, I am really proud that Run4Cancer asked me not only to raise funds but also be an ambassador.

My fundraising focus is on getting people out of the house, away from the road and onto the trails by organising local trailrun clinics and writing and talking about my passion!

The trails are there for all of us to explore, enjoy, leave nothing behind but your footsteps and take home a great feeling of satisfaction and good memories.

It fits Run 4 Cancer with its focus on the mental benefits of going ‘out of the door’ on coping with cancer and supports research in this specific area of cancer treatment (as part of an holistic approach to cancer treatment).


Auteur: Dutch Trailrunner

Trailrunner uit de lage landen van Nederland. Trailrunner from the ‘literary’ the lowlands of Europe, i.e. the Netherlands.

Just send me an e-mail, always happy to help!

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