Welcome – Welkom – Hi! – Hoi!

Welcome to my website and blog all about … Trailrunning!!

My aim is to connect through this website and blog with other trailrunners in order to pass over my trailrun enthusiasm and share our experiences of trails and trailrun gears / goodies.

The content will be a mixture of Dutch and English depending mostly of the topic I am writing about, sorry if you are not either able to read Dutch or English. Most probably Google Translate can help out to get the idea although be aware of some strange Dinglish (Dutch-English).

Why? I just love trailrunning, e.g. running through forest, hills, mountains, along the beach, through farmland, up & down, left & right, mud, wet, rocky, dust, off road, winding paths, desert, snow, high altitude …

Before it was called trailrunning probably many of us were already enjoying just running through nature.

Now you have trailrunning, mountain running, vertical ascent and descent …

Now you can run organised or just on your own a bit far, a little bit further, beyond the marathon distance, ultra long, one day or a whole week …

I am not doing all of the above but I am certainly hooked on the longer distance and multi stage trailruns both organised and on my own.

Besides the activity of running I also like to talk and write about my experiences with the aim to make other people also enthusiastic for trailrunning, sharing my experiences and hearing others.

Although I feel my self lucky that some people are willing to support me in my hobby I write everything based on my own opinion with no pressure whatsoever to promote their brands other than just sharing honestly my experiences both positive and negative.

I hope you enjoy the content of my website and blog. Feel free to leave a message, ask a question or come up with a great idea of doing a trailrun together!


Geordie Klein