Welcome – Welkom – Hi! – Hoi!

Welcome to my website and blog all about … Trailrunning!!

Why? I just love trailrunning, e.g. running through forest, hills, mountains, along the beach, through farmland, up & down, left & right, mud, wet, rocky, dust, off road, winding paths, desert, snow, high altitude …

Before it was called trailrunning probably many of us were already enjoying just running through nature.

Now you have trailrunning, mountain running, vertical ascent and descent …

Now you can run organised or just on your own a bit far, a little bit further, beyond the marathon distance, ultra long, one day or a whole week …

I am not doing all of the above but I am certainly hooked on the longer distance and multi stage trailruns both organised and on my own.

Besides the activity of running I also like to talk and write about my experiences with the aim to make other people also enthusiastic for trailrunning, sharing my experiences and hearing others.

Although I feel my self lucky that some people are willing to support me in my hobby I write everything based on my own opinion with no pressure whatsoever to promote their brands other than just sharing honestly my experiences both positive and negative.

I hope you enjoy the content of my website and blog. Feel free to leave a message, ask a question or come up with a great idea of doing a trailrun together!


Geordie Klein